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Related post: Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 22:55:04 +0000 From: Miguel Sanchez preteen sites phedophilia Subject: Our Summer illlegal preteen Vacation Ch. 1Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and that of love. This story may contain erotic african preteen nudes and/or sexually model preteen image explicit behavior between consenting teens. If it is illegal for you to, or you find this sort of preteen kds thumbs work offensive, don't download or read it!The people in this story do not use protection because diseases don't exist here. However, in our world they do so please use caution and protection.This story is protected by copyright. It may not be downloaded or copied for other than your private enjoyment and may not be changed in any way without the indian preteens ass expressed written consent of the author. This story may not be put on any pay to view site.I reply preteen mpdel nonude to all emails, except flames. You may write me at miguel_sanchez55hotmail.comI hope you enjoy this story. Miguel SanchezDEDICATION: This story is dedicated to the memory of Ashton Cody Runnels. His infectious smile and laughter is gone but not forgotten. Thanks also to his boyfriend without who's love and assistance, this story could not be possible.Our Summer VacationChapter 1I had been reading the afternoon newspaper sipping on my beer when I heard of the accident on the news. I had subscribed to my former NBC affiliate back in Hampton Roads on my new satellite dish. The headline caught me attention. "Five people killed in collision." I looked up as I saw two mangled vehicles and an ambulance from the station I used to be assigned prior to my retirement. "Shit!" I thought as I recognized one of the vehicles at a familiar intersection. Dam Neck Road and General Booth Boulevard had to the most accident prone intersections in all of Virginia Beach. I was shocked when I recognized the boy's head as he placed into the back if the ambulance. Reality came back to me when the phone rang. When I picked the receiver up a voice on the phone said. "Is this Mark Miller?""Yes," I said. "This is he.""This is Officer F. E. Long," he said. "I'm with the Va. Beach Police Department. I think you need to come to Beach General Hospital. A young friend of yours has been injured in an accident and you are listed as an emergency contact. How soon can you be here?""Uh, I will catch the first flight out of the city." I responded. "I should be there by 8:30 tonight."The officer responded. "That will be fine sir. I will be in the emergency room when you arrive."As soon as I hung up the phone, I called my travel agent and quickly purchased preteens models links a one-way ticket to Norfolk and rented a car. I quickly threw some clothes into a bag and called a cab to get me to LaGuardia International Airport as quickly as possible. My flight left at 5:30 but with security taking almost an hour, I needed to leave fast.The cab arrived quicker than I anticipated, so I was still stuffing clothes when I heard the taxi's horn snapping me back into reality. I closed the bag, grabbed my keys then ran out letting the door slam behind me as I went."LaGuardia Airport" I said. He took off when I settled back and my mind went back to the television screen. The kid's foreign preteen nudism head I had seen was my son's best friend. The first time I saw him he was being chased away by another boy in the neighborhood. I later learned he ariana preteen mpeg was only trying to become friends with the other kids. He was a shy kid but standing five feet nine inches and weighing one hundred and forty five pounds and is quite a menacing sight.The first time I ever saw him he was carrying my boy in his arms. It seems he rescued my little one from some pervert who tried to snatch him off the street. I very quickly thanked his then called the paramedics and police while he quietly stood there with tears running down his cheeks.The ambulance came and took us to the hospital while this big kid told everything he remembered to the police then went home lonely again. Cody had spent two days in the hospital and this kid went on as if nothing had happened but inside he was still as lonely as ever.Two days after he came home, this kid was at my door asking preteen nude ladies to see my son. He said he name was Joel and asked if he could see my son. After he told me his story, I thanked him and then apologized for being so rude to him but he then said it was all right because everyone else treated him the same way.Once I got to know him, Joel became a fixture in our life and I wondered how this big kid managed to survive without friends.All of a sudden, I was shocked backed into reality when the cabbie said. "That will be twenty-two fifty, mister.""Huh?" I said my models preteen clearing my thoughts from my head."Twenty-two fifty, mister!" He said again.I handed him thirty preteens hot pics dollars and told him to keep the change as I preteens legs spread grabbed my bag and headed into the mass of humanity that was LaGuardia International. I went to the preteen 14 sex ticket counter and handed the clerk my driver's license and credit card for a little piece of paper that would allow me to board a plane and get me to Norfolk. I went through security quickly then I heard them announce my flight number over big breasted preteens the loud speaker. I handed the agent my paper and quickly settled into my seat. photographic preteen models I placed the seat belt over my lap then went back to my thoughts.Joel had preteen models outdoors become a permanent fixture preteen boys bbs in our lives then suddenly Cody was gone. Joel had taken his death as hard as my wife and panties ads preteen spent the majority of the summer with us. Cody's room became Joel's and soon it seemed I had a second son. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep thinking about all the precious time Joel, my wife had I together.I landed in Norfolk and went over to pick up my rental car then beat feet over to the hospital still unaware of what awaits me.I make the trip in twenty minutes and since I'm familiar of the procedures, I preteen russian pics headed straight for patient information. As soon as I found out what room Joel is in, I headed directly there. I knock on the preteen french pussy door but get no answer so I decide to go in anyway. As soon as preteen boy nudity he saw me, he broke down. I sat beside him and let his emotion flow from him."They're gone pop, they're all preteen preteen teenage gone." He cried.It preteen modeling links hit me what he was saying. panty preteen sport I let my tears fall with his. "Ssshh son, it will be alright." I whispered in his little preteen ang ear. "I've been through it myself and I'll help you get through this." A little over a year ago, my wife suddenly died in a traumatic accident and it was very hard on me.A nurse walked in and said I was disturbing the patient and I gave her a look as if to say, "If you don't leave, I'll disturb you." She got the message but called his doctor instead.He came in and we stepped out side to talk. The doctor said Joel wasn't injured that badly but was admitted only because both parents died had he had no place to go. He called down-stairs and the police officer I talked to on the phone came up here and said he would have to call social services.It's a good thing I remembered to bring a copy of Sam and Inez Cohen's Living Trust Agreement. In the trust it states "In the event of both parents pre-deceseasing their minor son, Joel Cohen, it is the wish of both parents that said child live in the custody of Mark Miller." It had been signed and notarized over a year ago and preteen nude hard their lawyer was still around.The officer said then that social services must be notified but Joel could stay with me in their home if I had keys. I did and I even remembered to bring them.We both went back inside and talked with Joel to see if he wanted to be discharged or spend the night there in the hospital. He decided on the latter, so the doctor made the arrangements and we left.After a brief check preteens gays pics to see if Joel forgot anything, I was pushing him to the elevator. It only took a few minutes to make it down the three floors and soon, we were watching the sun start to go down on this warm summer evening. The front doors underground preteen toplist slid open and I rolled Joel outside. I locked the wheels and went to get the models preteen sexy rental car. I pulled under the canopy and Joel quickly got inside.I saw him looking out the window and said before putting erotic preteen girls the car into drive, "Hey son, I know you miss them but it's going to be alright. It hurts now but as each day passes the hurt will start to go away but hold onto all the good memories you have of them together and it will make things easier."Joel's head snapped around land looked at me with a very cold expression on his face. He was pondering what to say when he fell into my lap and cried saying, "Dad, I don't miss them. I'm sorry they're dead but I don't miss them."I held him and let him cry until he got sven bbs preteen it out of his system. I put the car in drive and headed for Joel's house. I wasn't sure preteen pregnant news if he'd want to stay there tonight or not but he was going to need clean clothes and a shower.The preteen swimsuit pic drive out to his house didn't take long and I couldn't get him to talk to me except one word answers to a few questions I'd asked him. I was really taken aback by his revelation before we left the hospital.I turned down the street his house is on and I could see tears start to roll down his cheeks. I pulled into the driveway and parked the car as he got out and walked across the street and looked at our old house.I walked over and just stood behind him with my hands on his shoulders. He jumped into my arms and said, "God Dad how I miss Cody. I miss him so bad is hurts my stomach. I loved him so very much I still can't believe he's really gone. There are times I think he's going to walk into my bedroom and kiss me like he used to."I wrapped my arms around him and said, "I know son. I miss Cody very much myself. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him or something the two of you guys used to do. I know living across from our old house doesn't make things easier on you. How about after I get things sorted out with you, we have the lawyer sell this place. You'll be living with preteen preteen porn me from now on so you won't need it unless you want to keep it for when you get older."We turned photos preteen hymen and walked over to his house as he said, "No I don't want it. Like I said, I don't want anything to do with it or the memories inside."I unlocked the front door and headed over to the refrigerator and got myself a cold soda. I got one for Joel then went into the den and sat down. He sat beside me but his look said he was a million miles away from here. I sat there drinking my drink trying to figure out what is going on in his mind.I started thinking back to preteen storyboard when the boys were together and the talk I had with his parents when they told me they knew he was gay. They also told me they thought Cody was the best thing that ever happened to their son. He'd brought him out of his shell and he was making friends. He had spent the summer with my wife and I in New York. He'd taken Cody's death really hard so we had phoned them and they said it was fine that he stay with us. preteen pink galleries I spent a few days with him before leaving to preteens no panties return home. I made sure to keep in touch and we even passwords preteen movies spend the holidays with him. Even with all this, I still can't figure out what's bothering him.I looked at my watch and it was now eleven thirty. Joel was still sitting there with the same distant look on his face as before. I slid over beside him and said, "It's starting to get late son. Are you getting tired?"He nodded his head and crawled onto my lap putting his head against my shoulder like he'd done many times before. I started to rub his cheek when he looked at me and said, "They lied to us Dad."I was surprised at hearing this and I asked him, "What do you mean they lied? Who lied son?"Joel didn't answer me right pthc forum preteen away choosing instead to enjoy the cuddling he was receiving. He looked up at me and yawned saying, "My parents lied to us. They didn't care about Cody. Once they knew he was going to die, they knew their gay son wasn't going to have a boyfriend around and they could turn them into the kid they wanted but it didn't work."I was totally amazed at what he was saying. I couldn't believe the people that said they thought so much of my son were really putting on an act. I picked his chin up with my finger and said, "Well you don't have to worry about that any longer. You know I don't care about you being gay and I was truly happy that you were Cody's boyfriend. I don't know about you but it's late and I'm getting sleepy. I think we should call it a night and get some rest."Joel yawned and said, "I can't sleep in here child preteen fucked Dad. This is a place I hate now."I hugged him close to me and said, "I think someone from Social Services is going to be either calling or coming here in the morning and I have to be here for that call. How about you snuggle in with me and try to get some rest?"He looked up at me and smiled saying, photographie preteen "You always have an answer don't you?"I stood up ruffling his hair and said, "I try son."Joel turned the hall lights hairless preteen cunts on while I made sure everything was secure and then turned off the lights in the den.I was about to enter the nice lesbian preteen bathroom when I was greeted by a now naked teen. I decided not to make a big deal over this because I remembered how he and Cody used to sleep. I went in and emptied my bladder and washed my hands.When I entered the bedroom Joel hentai preteen nude was already in bed and waiting for me to come to comfort him. I could tell he didn't really like being here but he knew there wasn't an alternative. I stripped and crawled into bed and he quickly snuggled against me. He reached up and pulled my arm over his chest and held it tight until he fell asleep. I was very tired and I barely remember closing my eyes because the next thing I remember was my bladder screaming at me to go and empty it.Joel had let go of my hand in his sleep and I quietly slid out the bed and went to the bathroom to make my bladder gladder. I was washing my hands when a teen with morning wood entered and did the same thing I had done a minute earlier.I ruffled his hair with my wet hand and said, "Morning zombie. Did you sleep well?""Thanks Dad," he said smiling. "I did thanks to being close to you last night. I know I don't say it naked preteens images enough but I do love you very much."I hugged him and said, "I love you too son. I never preteen whore stopped when Cody died. I just want you to know that."Just then we heard the doorbell ring and Joel was about to go and answer the door when he remembered he was still nude. He quickly pulled his shorts on and looked at me with a very red face saying, "I almost embarrassed myself.""I'm glad you remembered that little detail," I said giggling at nubiles preteen nudes him. "I sure don't want her thinking this is a nudist camp or something." Joel opened the door and I couldn't believe my eyes at who was standing there. I went to the door and said, "Mrs. Williams, it has been a long time. How are you doing? Please come in."She smiled entering and said, "I'm fine and I want to say how sorry I am about Cody."I smiled back saying, "Thanks Betty. It's all right and Cody is at peace now. I think the issue here with Joel is very straightforward. His parents set up a living trust and even directed who they wanted for care for him in the event they pre-deceased him."I handed her the papers and said, "I see that everything is in order here and with you being a former foster parent, I have a few papers to fill out and this matter will be closed as far as we are concerned."After Betty left I called the lawyer handling the trust and was able to see him in an hour. We went and got breakfast and Joel's appetite had once again retuned in all its glory. I paid the bill and went over to settle the issue of the trust. I told the lawyer that I wanted preteen pedo virgins the preteen magazine xxx house sold since Joel said he wanted nothing to do with it. Joel would pack what things he wanted to keep and the rest would all be sold at auction with the proceeds going into the trust.I was named trustee but I decided to have the lawyer handle everything for us. preteen nudest art I changed one thing in the wording and now Joel has to be twenty-five before he can touch anything in the trust. I had a college fund set up for Cody but now I can use it for Joel. Once all the papers were signed, the lawyer said he would file them with the court. He also stated he preteens pics nonudes would have me entered pre teen skirt at Joel's legal guardian or he could petition the court for adoption. He said the adoption would be granted since there weren't any living relatives. I told him that was fine and I headed out to get Joel.I filled Joel in on everything and he said it was fine. He didn't even flinch when I told him I was preteen pantyhose bbs going to be his new Dad. I knew that I was about ready to take a vacation and was even going to stop by my local travel agent in the city before all this happened. Suddenly the idea hit me that I knew Joel would surely like. I looked at him and said, "Hey sport how would you preteen dolls japan like it if we took off for a few weeks on a vacation?"Joel hugged me and said, "You really mean it Dad? A vacation for preteen masha model just the two of us sounds cool. Where are we going?"I looked at him and said, "Well son, I've always enjoyed cruising."He looked up at me with an evil grin on his face and said, "Why Dad, you dirty old man. I didn't think you like going around looking at the hunky guys?"I pulled him into a hug laughing and said, "I happen to be standing next to quite a hunk right now but that's not the type of cruising I was talking about. I meant on a going on a cruise ship. You go to all different ports and see wonderful things. You don't need to pack and unpack all the time and the food is fantastic. And in case you're wondering, they have things for guys your age. Now don't go and say what is there for a guy who's gay to do? You never know whom you're going to meet. Please give it a chance."He thought about it for a few minutes and said, "Please don't get a cabin so small we need lube and a shoehorn to move."I smiled at him and said, "I think I can promise that you'll have a stateroom bigger than that. Come on dude, there is a travel agency at the mall. We can grab some books on the different cruise lines and I need to get us tickets to go back to New York."We went to the travel agents and I handed Joel four different cruise books and he was looking at them while I was getting our tickets. He didn't know it but we were going to be flying first class. I also had her look at a few cruise ships for those with the finest suites on them that had two separate bedrooms just in case Joel met someone that struck his fancy. She found three ships that had what I wanted and boy preteen dick she informed me that very rarely were these suites ever booked because of the price.Joel came over and said, "Hey Dad, look at this. It's a sixteen-day cruise through the Panama Canal. I've read about that so many times that it would be cool to be able to go through it. preteen and porno What do you think?"I asked the agent if there would be a problem booking the cruise here with us living in New York and she assured me that would not be a problem. I looked at the sailing date and said, "Ma'am, that's only three weeks away. Can they get the documents ready and mailed to me in time?"The woman looked at me and said, "Don't worry sir, they do this all the time. I can get you the cabin you want and since the young man here is under 16, I can get him on free with you just paying for his air fare."I said, "That would be great and I hope the ship has plenty of food stored below. You haven't seen this kid eat and it would be great to see someone else try to fill that bottomless pit he calls a stomach."Joel heard me say this and he was turning several shades of red when the lady said, "I know what you mean. I have three teens at home and it is a challenge." Now there is preteen asian fuck a brave woman. Three amazing preteen nudist teens in the house and they haven't killed themselves yet.She made the cruise reservations and since airfare was extra, I had her charter a private jet so we could leave when we wanted and not have to worry abut changing planes. Since I had booked a first class suite, the cruise lines would send a limo for those passengers so youngest preteen jpg there was another thing less to worry about.I asked Joel if he had anything he wanted to do today and he said, "Dad, I just want to get out of here. There isn't anything good left here for me now."I decided to have him get his things sex games preteen packed and we could catch the late afternoon flight into LaGuardia. Once all that was done, the only thing left to do was pay for everything. I handed her my credit card. I wasn't worried about it holding the $4538.00 for the vacation but the agent thought there might be a problem. The preteen pedofile sex machine quickly had an approval and we were out the door once I signed the ticket.We went back to the house and I had Joel walk through each room so he could take anything of importance to him. He had a few small knick-knacks that he remembered Cody liking so he decided he would keep him in his memory. Once all that was done, I called the lawyer and gave him the go ahead to start getting the house preteen naturist com ready for sale.I helped Joel with his packing being sure to get all his summer clothes because he was going to need them on cruise. He had three suitcases loaded with shorts and various tee and muscle shirts. He also had 6 pairs of sneakers and sandals plus 4 more pairs still in boxes. I was about to drop his jeans to be sure he was male but I knew he couldn't have lost his pole since this morning.It was almost two so we decided to head out and preteen slave have a nice lunch because it would be awhile before we ate again. ukraine naturist preteen You can set your watch by his stomach. We went to Morison's and had a very nice sit down lunch before we caught our flight to New York.We were waiting for preteen lollita models our meals when Joel suddenly asked, "Dad what do I do if I meet someone on the ship I like?"I looked at him smiling and said, "Well son, I really hope you do. If things should develop, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it but you'd have your privacy. How do you feel about that?""Thanks Dad," he said taking hold of my hand. "I don't know preteen 16 fuck how I'll act if I meet someone. It would the first time since Cody died."I patted his hand and preteen portal heaven said, "Just be yourself son and I'm sure you two will hit it off just fine."We finished talking over our meal and amateur preteen archive we had a very enjoyable afternoon. It was almost preteens nudist underage three when we finished eating so we had to get out to the airport to turn in the rental car before checking Joel's baggage through to the city. By the time everything was done, we had just enough time to use the toilets before they were making the first boarding call. Joel was about to go find a seat when they free preteen loita made the announcement for first class passengers.I motioned for him to come on when he said, "Dad, we're preteen costume gallery not going first class are we?"I looked at him and said, "Yes son. Just wait until we get on board the cruise ship."I handed preteen hymen gallary the attendant at the gate our tickets and we headed to the plane. I let Joel have the window so he could see what was going on. Within a few minutes the door was closed and secured. I soon felt us being pushed away from the gate and the captain was starting the engines. We taxied out onto the runway and we took of for the short fifty-five minute flight to LaGuardia International Airport.As soon as we were near our cruising altitude the flight attendant offered us drinks and Joel said, "Hey Dad I have an idea if it alright with you. Do you think we could go to Disney World before go and pick up the ship?"I had to think about it for a few minutes but I didn't see why not. I looked at him and said, "Son that's ebony preteen toplist a great idea. I have a few things to take care of and some bills to pay then we can be off to Orlando."It's a good thing we weren't on our approach to land because I was suddenly covered with a smiling fourteen-year-old boy. He was hugging me saying over and over, "Thanks Dad."He stayed there until the captain made the announcement we were on final approach to the airport and we had been cleared to land. We had a smooth landing and in about thirty minutes we were in a taxi bound erotic naked preteens for midtown Manhattan. On the way Joel's stomach alarm went off rather loudly.We preteen pantie modle arrived at my place and I took Joel to his room and the first thing he noticed was the computer sitting there. He set his bags on his bed preteen toplist naked and started unpacking but soon it was very apparent what was on his mind. We got the largest bag unpacked when I said, "Hey kiddo, I think we preteen tits gallery can finish getting this stuff put away in the morning. Why don't you get some clean things out and go get yourself a shower?"He looked at me and said, "Thanks Dad. I hope you don't mind me calling you that but you care for me more than my father ever did. I know he loved me but it was only on his terms. You love me for me. You love me for who I am and not what I am."I walked over to him and kissed his forehead saying, "Son, you knew how I felt about Cody so you know that would also be true with you. When you get out of the shower, you can use the computer. Do you have a sign in name on MSN?Joel was down to his altogether walking into he bathroom saying, "Yes I do and thanks."I thought that for a tall kid going through puberty, his body hair seemed lacking. He had pubic hair growing but the rest of his body was void. I guess he was a late bloomer in that respect.I got myself a soda and sat in my recliner and turned on the television. I found preteen non a movie and got immersed in it until I had a teen back on my lap again. Well, not exactly on my lap. Suddenly I was removed from the movie and I said, "Oomph!"Joel jumped up and said, "Oh god Dad, I'm sorry. preteen erotic movies I didn't mean to hurt you. Are you alright?"My most personal of body parts were now up in the underage preteens americans area of my eyes and try as I might, I could not coax them back down to where they belonged. Joel was standing in front of me looking forlorn when I squeaked out, "It's alright son. I know you didn't mean to do this."This was just like my Cody. He'd done this same thing on a few occasions and once, both boys made direct hits at the same time on the sperm factory. This time though I was preteen baby rompl thinking my nuts were up seeing a lawyer on russian preteen beach how to sue me for separate maintenance.I hugged Joel and he asked, "Can I sit with you or are you to sore?"I sat back down and had Joel wait for a bit then I had him come and join me. I had him ease up onto my lap and it wasn't too painful so I quickly put the footrest up and I was reunited with my boy.We finished preteen nuds watching the movie then I said it was time for bed. We each went into our respective rooms but when I came out of my bathroom, I noticed Joel standing in my door. I walked over younger preteens pics to my side of the bed then climbed in and said, "Well don't just stand there, come on in son. I know this is going to take some time so I don't mind you cuddling close to me at night."Joel preteen underground sex quickly jumped in between the covers and scooted over to hug and kiss me good night. I turned out the lights and soon we were both in dreamland.The next day I called the travel agent to see what we could get in the way of a nice room inside Disney World. She said she had a nice two-bedroom villa that was right outside Epcot. I asked about their meal program and she told me about a package that had everything I needed. I wanted the full package. We got three meals a day, early admittance into the park plus several other extras. I gave the agent my credit card information then called the plane charter service and preteens ls said I would need the plane earlier than expected. I told them our destination had horny preteens xxx changed a little and we would be heading to Orlando. I said that I would then need a plane to take us to Miami in fifteen days. They assured me this preteen girl cunt would be no problem and everything would be ready on preteens model nude time.I took Joel shopping so he could have some proper clothes for the cruise. I decided that since we were going to Disney World before the cruise, I would rent tuxedos for us rather than carrying mine with me. I got him a dark suit and a few dress and sport shirts along with three pairs of trousers. I had to admit; he was a sharp looking kid.The next two days flew by and it was the evening before we were to leave for Orlando. Our flight left at ten so I had the car set to pick us up at nine. Joel was getting hyper and getting him to go to sleep was a task. We went to bed at eleven but it wasn't until Joel said, "Dad, I miss cuddling with Cody like we used to."I rolled over and looked at him and asked, "I don't think I understand what you mean son."He started to him and haw around unsure preteen ls angel of what to say. He finally said, "Well Dad, it's like this. I have a problem."I kissed him and the forehead and said, "Well preteen nude3 son, I think you can use your room for that."He smiled and headed off down the hall to take care of his business. I don't know what he did or how long he was gone but the next thing I remembered was the alarm going off at six thirty waking us up. I rolled over to turn it off when I found a sleeping Joel snuggled against my stomach.After young preteens girls about fifteen minutes of trying to get Joel to wake up I decided to use wake up method number three, the water falls. I got up and emptied my bladder then went and started Joel's shower. I picked him up and carried him to his bathroom then stuck him in the shower. The shrieks and screams I heard next confirmed he was now awake. I set some clean boxers on the toilet seat for him then went and took my shower.I was making breakfast and having a cup of coffee when Joel younger preteen porn made his appearance. I took a mouthful from my mug and said grinning, "Morning son, did you sleep well? Oh, did you get your shower too?"He just smirked and said, "Not funny dad. I wasn't even awake when you did that."I was laughing hard when I said, "You were when the water hit you."He went and fixed himself a glass of orange juice and said, "You know I'm going to get even with you for this, don't you?"I fixed our plates and we began to eat when I said, preteen sunny "How long have you been saying that and you've yet to get close to getting even?"Joel shoveled a couple of preteen photos nude forks full of egg into his mouth while thinking of what to say as a come back. He tried one more time saying, "Just wait. I'll get you good when you least expect it."I reached over and ruffled his hair and said, "Sure thing sport. Finish you breakfast because the car will be here in thirty minutes."We finished eating and got the dishes washed with about five minutes to spare. I had just brought out my last bag when I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and allowed the driver access so he could out our bags in the car. I set the alarm and locked the door and thought this we going to be a well-deserved vacation.To be video pedo preteen continued
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